Monday, April 27, 2015

San Francisco Victorian

Last Thursday I flew out to San Francisco to help a couple I'd been working with long distance for several months.  When Joannie text me pictures of their home for the first time my jaw dropped, but arriving at the Victorian row house had my jaw on the ground.

Up the tiled steps led to landings filled with beautifully potted plants and perfectly aged brass railings.

The door did not disappoint and neither did what was inside.

Joannie and Evan have exquisite taste and an eye for quality.  What they've already done on their own is beautiful, but they needed some help fine-tuning what they had, filling in the gaps and getting the styling just right.  We did quite a bit through text and Pinterest, but nothing can replace being there in the flesh and shopping side by side.  We took to the streets of San Francisco to scout out some finishing touches, and I did some styling and tweaking of what they already had.

The kitchen wasn't a room we had planned to touch (it was incredible already) but I did do some open shelf styling to bring this area more in line with the rest of the house.

I didn't get the chance to style the rest of the kitchen for a shot, but I can't let that stop me from showing it to you, because it's just too excuse my mess and try and tell me you don't want to cook in here.  Somehow I missed a shot of the wine cellar and espresso station.  You'll just have to trust me on their beauty.  

Joannie has really taken an interest in photography, and she's learning the same way I did: experimenting with the things and people around her.  So we took some time one afternoon to shoot together.  I love casually shooting like this, and doing it with her was a blast.

This little munchkin was a total joy the whole weekend!

We made some really great progress, and I'll be back to show and discuss with you soon!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

To High Point We Go.

These last few days have been spent surrounded by green trees, beautiful furniture and friends: old and new.  When Lowe's asked me to attend High Point, I jumped at the chance to scour thousands of pieces of decor with their team and some blog friends (Emily, Beth + Summer).  Trend hunting is something I used to do at clothing markets, and combing through loads of furniture and accessories felt even more invigorating.

Colorful sofas caught my attention quite often.

And art was big, bold, and abstract with simple frames or none at all.

I think smoked glass is going to make a resurgence, and this colored mirror stopped me in my tracks.

Other than trends, these were some pieces I just really liked.

Black and white will never get old.

Graphics have been overdone, but this pattern felt fresh.

This paper was as beautiful in person as it is all over the internet.

Mary McDonald hit my inspiration for our backyard on the head.  It's only missing a line of Italian cypresses.

Have a big basket?  Turn it upside down and hang it from your covered patio.  Weave it with string lights and you've got a chic, statement chandelier. 

It's still all about brass, and those balls on that side table base just sent it over the top.  And how about a tulip table made of brass?  Durable and a beautiful new take.  

Mrs. Wearstler never disappoints.  

Thanks to Lowe's, after a morning of ogling we spent the afternoon in a wonderful workshop with one of my favorites: Eddie Ross.  

I'll show you my project after it gets shipped back here, but check out this plastered wall sconce!  I always see lights like this cheap 80's brass at ReStore, and I'm never quite sure how to update them, as painting can look pretty cheap.  I'll be trying this technique on something soon...the possibilities are endless!

I was back home today scheming fabric options for chairs and soaking up time with my kids, but I'll be back on the road tomorrow.  Not my average housewife week for sure.  I can't wait to share the Junior League Design House soon, but in the meantime you can follow snippets of my next trip on Instagram.  Happy weekend!